Being diagnosed with a potentially fatal diseases during the corona virus out break

Hi, everyone. This will be my first post. My name is Leroy and I own oowt100,com. My passion for this first topic comes from a dear friend who is going to succumb to cancer in the coming months. He was experiencing extreme pain in his lower back just moving around and taking his and his wife’s dogs out right around the first of the year. He and his wife felt that maybe he had aggravated the fusion of his vertebrae from an earlier operation. I should mention that my friend is 67 years old. They wanted to act on the symptoms early on, but a complication from some earlier surgeries had the doctors postpone any action until they could confirm there was no reason to be concerned. Unfortunately that put the next visit right in the middle of the outbreak of the Corona Virus. So of course they postponed everything from that moment on. He didn’t get back to see the doctors and more importantly get the test he needed to diagnose what he was experiencing until April!

Well he has cancer and it has now spread throughout his body. He is bed ridden because the cancer has rendered his legs inoperable. He has a spacious living room with vaulted ceilings. His wife has always had large plants, and I mean large plants. The ficus plants tower around 10 feet and there are three of them. There are also at least another ten plants that surround him. He has large windows on two walls. the south wall is the front of the house where we planted an array of bushes for he to see. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like to be moved much. He would rather look though the north windows, which is the back yard. So we planted a tree that he can see.

We live about 70 miles apart, I try to visit at least once a week. So I have tried to record things that happen so I can show him on those days. I walked to the liquor store one day, which is about one and a half miles away. We have this greenbelt that has a stream, so I recorded going through the neighborhood going to the store and then recorded going through the greenbelt trail going home. I also have two grandkids that I recorded one day while I was watching them. They are so adorable. One is four and the other is almost one. It was none stop action, lol.

I wish everyone well. If you have something you would like to add to this topic, please do so!